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Managing low mood during the winter months

As we go through the winter months, we may find our mood is lower than usual and that we have less capacity emotionally. Add in the assessment period coming to an end, a new wave of COVID and it’s a lot to manage. hat can we do to support ourselves at this time of year? 

Taking care of your emotional and mental wellbeing during the exam period

The exam period can be a stressful and intense time. It is understandable to find it difficult to manage, to feel a range of emotions and/or an impact on our emotional and mental health. We are re-publishing this post to support you to think about ways during the exam period to support your emotional and mental wellbeing. These things may well be familiar to you but it can be helpful to have a resource to refer to when we have so much else to think about and remember…

Managing exam stress

Managing exams and assignments can feel overwhelming at the best of times but add living with COVID for another year into the mix and stress can feel even more heightened. Many of you will now be preparing for upcoming exams and so we are re-publishing this post to support you in managing exam stress. You might have already come across lots of helpful tips on how to manage pressure and stress at this time so some of the things included here might sound familiar to you. My hope for this post is to help you see stress differently, to experience it in such a way that it has less of an impact on you so you can feel better able to revise and sit your exams.

Men: It’s time to talk

Movember is upon us and so it felt like a good time to explore some of the issues facing men’s mental health and wellbeing. In this blog, I discuss the importance for us all to talk more openly in order to avoid problems from becoming too big, uncontrollable and/or overwhelming. Because if ignored, some of the leading outcomes of men not seeking help can lead to depression, alcohol/substance abuse, risky behaviour/gambling and in some cases death by suicide.

Returning to university

To all those returning for another year of studies, welcome back to QMUL! Each year at university is different but for many of you this is your first year on campus, or you are returning to the campus after studying at home for some time. In this blog post, I’ll consider how the transition back to a more in-person university life may impact you, and what you can do to support your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Breaking the silence – students without family support

We usually celebrate resilience. From the tv talent show contestant with the moving back-story to the successful entrepreneur who grew up in poverty, it seems we love to hear about those who thrive and succeed against all odds. Yet research shows that there are resilient and independent students who fear they will be stigmatised because of their experience.

In this article we consider the experience of those students who are studying independently, without family support, and we announce the Independent Students Support Group, a safe, confidential space for students in this position to talk and support each other.

Starting University

Welcome to all of you starting at QMUL this week! In our counselling blog post this week, we will explore how it might be feeling to begin your university life at this time, and offer some resources for looking after yourself.  

Preparing for University Life

Whether you’re travelling from far across the globe, within the UK or merely ‘down the road,’ adjusting to university life is different for everyone and by no means an easy feat. Particularly off the back of a pandemic, which has kept us in lockdown, house-bound and online for most of the last year. The prospect itself can be exciting, but also daunting, so don’t worry if you’re feeling anxious – it’s completely normal. In this post, I’ll explore the impact of the transition to university on your emotional and mental wellbeing and offer ideas for supporting yourself through this period…

Pride: A Deeper Love

Originally posted on QMUL Counselling:
This post was written by Jo Gate-Eastley, who is the Counselling Manager at the Advice and Counselling Service. Originally qualifying as a psychodynamic counsellor, she has spent many years working therapeutically with children, adolescents and young adults, as well as working with LGBTQ+ young people both individually and in group settings. Pride is celebration How do we…


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